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16 Guns formed on 16th July 1983 at Feltham Football Club’s Punk All Dayer,Line up at that time was Tom Halpin-Vocals,Mark Geraghty-Bass,Paul Lyne-Guitar and Martin (Trapper) Hornsby,This Line Up went on to Play around 40 Gigs with the likes of Toy Dolls,Chaos,Subhuman’s,Angelic Upstarts,UK Subs,The Meteors,We went into The Studio in Lewisham with Finn Panton and Martin Satwell to Record 2 Demo’s in 83’ and 84’,Then in late 84’ early 85’ we went in Studio again to Record our first self financed single,with Alan Warner and John from The Satellites,We Recorded 3 Songs,Evil Man,Child Batterer and Idol,This Single never got released as Paul Lyne left the Band,So we recruited Paul Beeson and Nick Moon on Rhythm and Lead Guitar,with this Line Up we only Played 6 Gigs with the Likes of Chaos,English Dogs,Only Alternative,The Plague and Vicious Rumours,It was at a 100 Club Gig with English Dogs in My 85’ we decided to Split Up,We played one more Headline Gig at The Ad Lib Club on 17th June 85’…….
Then in 2008 I went to see the Adicts Play a Gig at O2 Islington,I met Paul Beeson at this Gig,We got Talking and decided we would start 16 Guns up again,I spoke to Paul Lyne And Mark Geraghty about rejoining,They weren’t up for it,I couldn’t get hold of Trapper,So I asked Matthew Thair who Played Drums in a Band called Curfew who we had played a few Gigs with back in the day,He said Yes,I spoke to Nick Moon,He seemed very interested,He came down and did a few Rehearsals with us,We rehearsed a few times as Tom Halpin-Vocals,Paul Beeson-Bass,Nick Moon-Guitar and Matthew Thair-Drums,Then Nick had to leave us as it was too far for him to travel from Peterborough to London for Rehearsals,Paul then swithched to Guitar and we got Andy Franks on Bass,We rehearsed for a couple of months,then got Our first Gig at Rose and Crown,Crawley supporting Vice Squad on 25th April 2009,Then we went on to Play 49 more Gigs as this Line Up with such Bands as The Business,Spizz Oil,4 Skins,Rage DC,Hacksaw,Giant Haystacks,Anihalated,GBH,Menace,Peter and the Test Tube Babies,Zounds,Long Tall Shorty,London,Wild Mutation plus others,We Recorded 4 Self Financed CD Singles with this Line Up,At Doyley’s Diablo Studio’s,All these CD’s Sold Out of their Runs,Then after our 50th Gig,Andy decided to leave the Band,
We then Recruited Steve Battershill on Bass,We have now played 20 Gigs with this Line Up,With such Bands as Peter and the Test Tube Babies,Sham 69,Menace,The Business,Anti Pasti,Discharge,Infa Riot,Henry Cluney,UK Subs,Subhumans,Citizen Fish,Vibrators,Rage DC,999,The Varukers,English Dogs,Disorder,We also got to Play our Dream Gig in 2013 at Blackpool for Rebellion Punk Festival,We went into Studio again with Doyley at Diablo Studio’s to Record an CD Album of 10 Tracks,This CD is selling very Well,It consisted of 5 Brand New Songs,2 Cover Versions and 3 Reworked Old Songs,We have since been back to Studio to Record 3 Newer Songs and 1 More Reworking and 7 Live Songs to be Released as a 21 Track 12” Vinyl LP,In My Opinion this is the Strongest Line Up of 16 Guns,We seem to be going from Strength to Strength,Getting Loads of Great Gig offers,Things are looking good for 2014,Cheers Tom,Paul,Matt and Steve.

Correct as of 03/11/2014
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