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Pie and Vinyl presents

Pie and Vinyl presents

Pie&Vinyl Records is the latest limb to appear on the ever-evolving human body of Pie&Vinyl, a record shop that sells pie and mash.

It’s a passionate old/new/middle aged clone of the things that people used to love in the futuristic ‘golden’ days…a truly charming lady and gentleman with impeccable manners and a reassuring presence.

When we spliced together the genes of old and new – we created something that sat gracefully in the middle of time. We didn’t realise that through mixing fashions, we created passions...

Suddenly 'Pie&Vinyl Presents' appeared as a sixth finger on our right hand. We started to promote shows, working with exciting new artists that we felt represented the rhythm in our head.

Now, we awake to find we have another arm and leg - 'Pie&Vinyl Records'...the most natural evolution of the beast.

Pie&Vinyl Records is acutely aware that you can’t fully enjoy the beauty of something until you share it. We want to share with you. We can then fully enjoy together.

The label’s first child will hatch on the 22nd of April 2013.

The name of that child is…………. The B of the Bang.

Correct as of 23/04/2014
Original data provided by Facebook


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