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Discreet Presents: "BlitZomKrieg" Halloween Frightfest!

31 Oct 2015 9:30 pm to 4:00 am
Coach From Portsmouth

Discreet Presents: "blitzomkrieg" Halloween Frightfest!

Tickets via links above. Use code "discreet5" for 5% off this week only.


April 6th 1945

The Allied assault in Europe had obliterated the German frontline and Hitler was commanding his final maneuvers before inevitable surrender. One of his prized assets, a Dr Fritzl, had been captured behind enemy lines and he had lost contact with him.
By now he knew that the doctor’s work would be uncovered, but this gave Alfred Hitler a moment of brief, unmitigated joy.

What Albert Von Fritzl had been doing the past 2 years to develop the Nazi Super Soldier had taken a dramatic twist. He pieced together body parts of horrifically injured troops before injecting the BlietZomKrieg serum and shocking with High Voltage electricity in an effort to create an invincible killing machine.

What he ended up with was far, far, worse. Why just kill when you can consume your enemy, creating more of your own army of the reanimated reich!

And now you, the brave British paratroopers of the Hampshire airborne division are about to meet your worst fears. Fritzl’s angry, hungry patients.

The doctor will see you now….

** Further News Bulletins to follow **


This is the launch of our new “Fiction Festival” offshoot which we have big plans for. Things operate slightly differently than a standard pop-up Discreet but with all the usual fun and games, just added wow factor and we let you know a bit more info as a result.

Event Details:

The event is split in two parts. The adventure to get your tickets and then the big show on Halloween itself.

September 20th September

1900 – 2200

“Fritzl’s Maze of Fear” – Somewhere in Portsmouth.

We have arranged for you brave soldiers to venture into the darkness of Fritzl’s bunker to find out what he has been doing in deepest, darkest WW2 Germany.
In association with Zombie Encounters and the Army you will be plunged into your worst nightmare at a location that hasn’t been used in decades..

If you can make it through this you will collect your tickets you have bought and prepare yourself for pitched battle on October 31st on Z-Day!

October 31st

2130 – 0400

“Bunker of Blood” – Somewhere in Southampton.

We transport you to a life or death situation, battling the undead stormtroopers with a soundtrack from some of the world’s finest DJ talent we can muster.

Expect our biggest ever show and special guests in an epic halloween production.


100 Early Bird – £15
Early Bird Including Coach from – Portsmouth / Havant / Fareham – £26

All tickets after this – £20
Including Coach from – Portsmouth / Havant / Fareham – £31

Ticket acquisition entry include both of these events. If you cannot make it to collect from one of the ‘maze’ events they will be posted afterwards.

Dress Code – Its world war 2, prepare for battle. Or maybe one of Fritzl’s minions got to you first and you too are a flesh shredding undead monster. The local civilians have been caught up in the bloodshed and have been turned or trying to escape..

Location details will be revealed on September 2nd.

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