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Al'burrito Bar

Formerly Bar 50 Six

The story starts in Portsmouth and ends there too - tired of the steady hum of grey and rain, two guys - Matt and Jack developed a strong desire to wander the globe and on impulse they went travelling the world. Several waterfalls, elephant rides and blurry nights later, they ended up in Australia.

One afternoon, with new, west coast tans and a heavy trace of the night before, they stumbled upon a little burrito bar. It had a cool vibe and a taste so delicious, the three amigos made it their mission to bring the same vibrancy to Southsea. They may be an odd bunch but with the perfect mix of charm, cooking skills and proactive attitudes they've captured that palette of tropical flavour and splashed it over a little corner of Albert Road – now home to Al’Burrito.

The food echoes the same freshness as the bar from their travels, full of flavour and cooked to perfection. The bar has a rustic feel and that electric but chilled ambiance, with the local live music providing a constant buzz. Evoke feelings of summer in the fun, Mexican environment of Al’Burrito.

Correct as of 06/11/2014
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